Demonstration Car Maintenance

It is truly a ‘downer’ when you are invited to sit in a demo car and you spot broken switches, stained upholstery, footprints, dirty interior and worst of all – smell of stale food and sweat. Such experiences motivated me to write out the following steps on “How to maintain a Demonstration unit”


  • Thoroughly cleaned daily.
  • Tanked up.
  • All import papers to be removed and the glue on the windows cleaned off.
  • Scratches and dent marks to be touched up and rectified.


  • Thoroughly cleaned -Daily.
  • Ensure polythene seat covers and protective plastic from radio side sills wood etc are completely removed.
  • Front & rear Floor mats to be fitted colour to match. If not available place an order with Parts department.
  • Glove box to contain the handbook, current registration and the Warranty Book.
  • “No Smoking” sign must be fixed on the dashboard of each demonstrator.
  • Radio should be tuned on to a suitable Muscat FM.

Maintenance & Repair

  • Tyres to be at correct pressure and checked weekly to ensure they are maintained.
  • Service intervals to be maintained as per Company policy.
  • Any accessories fitted must be thoroughly checked by Brand/Location Manager to ensure they are correctly fitted and working. This should be checked weekly.
  • Any damage caused is repaired as soon as possible under Company insurance policy.

Other important points to be noted by Brand/Location Manager.

  • During work hours demonstrators to be always parked next to the showroom ready for use.
  • Keys including spares to be kept under supervision of Brand /Location Manager.
  • Full log to be kept of all Demonstrators given under control of Brand/Location Manager.
  • Brand /Location Manager liable for any damage or fines that cannot be attributed to a user due to incomplete records being kept.
  • Brand/Location Manager to ensure that registration is valid and up to date (kept in the glove box)

 Note: “Clean” = “Spotless”.

The Brand /Location Manager should address anything that causes a demonstrator not to be at its best at all times. Remember Demonstrators are our shop windows, you wouldn’t want to enter a boutique that has dirty windows nor would you like to try on dirty clothes! It is our responsibility to exceed our customer’s expectations.